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" For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate" -  Margaret Heffernan

Building long-lasting partnerships with our clients is our most important goal; your satisfaction is priority number one!

At RICHARD BOYD AND ASSOCIATES LLC, no one calls our office to say they’re having a nice day. Founded in April 2010, we have successfully resolved labor-related disputes. It is our job to ensure that public and private employers leave our establishment with smiles on their faces knowing that their labor relation needs will be resolved in a manner that is mutually agreeable to both parties.

Building long-lasting partnerships with our clients is our most important goal; your satisfaction is priority #1!

Our consulting firm has been successfully resolving HR/Labor-related disputes through our  services. Because

our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, your satisfaction is our top priority. 

As a specialized role in the field of human resources, labor relations specialists are vital for preparing information for management to utilize during the collective bargaining process. Using our vast knowledge on economics, wage data, labor law, and collective bargaining trends, our labor relations specialists interpret and administer employees’ contracts with respect to grievances, wages or salaries, employee welfare, healthcare benefits, pensions, union practices, and other stipulations.

In the daily workday our HR/Labor Relations Specialists are typically responsible for developing labor policies, overseeing the management of industrial labor relations, negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the union, managing grievance procedures to handle complaints from unionized employees, advising the human resources staff to ensure compliance with the contract, consulting with executive management to get input into aspects of personnel policies, developing new or revised union contracts, compiling information on statistics, and maintaining records of wage and salary surveys or correspondence.

Experienced  HR/Labor Relations Specialists are vital to a successful human relations program.

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