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Learn About the Services We Offer

What We Offer

RICHARD BOYD AND ASSOCIATES LLC provides comprehensive  HR and Labor Relation services to both public and private employers.

Our services include, but are not limited to: negotiating collective bargaining agreements, investigating and responding to worker grievances; advising Human Resources on policies and practices to ensure compliance with union contracts, employment and labor laws. 

Using economic forecasts, wage data, labor law and collective bargaining trends, our specialists provide your management team with information vital to successful collective bargaining negotiations.

Additionally, we provide the following services:

 New Hire Training/New Employee Orientation

Employee Relations Policy Manuals

Family And Medical Leave Act Training and Consultation

Leave of Absence Consultation

Open Enrollment Planning and Consultation

Complex Salary Administration services

Human Resources Information System Training

Class and Compensation Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions asked by our clients:

What is your experience in planning, preparing, and administering a complex budget and strategic plan?

We are your subject matter experts skill set in strategic planning and in the administering of complex budgets and subsequent budget analysis. During Richard’s tenure with the CTA, he held the position of Uniserv-Negotiation and Organizational Development Specialist. An example of his core functions was to perform the advanced skill level assignments of the organization. For example:

  • State Budget Analysis
  • School District Budget Analysis
  • County Office of Education Budget Analysis

  • Higher Education Budget Analysis

  • County Budget Analysis
  • FI$CAL Budget Analysis
  • Bargaining "Costing Out"

  • Healthcare "Costing Out"

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe your approach to working effectively with external decision-makers and building relationships to influence them.

This skill set is paramount because this core competency involves the ability to explain, advocate, and express facts and ideas in a convincing manner and to negotiate with individuals and groups, both internally and externally. 

It also involves the ability to develop an expansive professional network with other organizations and to identify the internal and external politics that impact daily operational needs. We have that skill set, and we are firmly committed to establishing and maintaining working relationships with external organizations. 

We approach each situation with a clear understanding of the organizational and political reality. For us, it is necessary to use developed contacts to build and strengthen our internal support bases. Why? In order to be credible, we must have a deeper understanding of the substantive issues in order to establish a nexus of commonality.

Once we have established the nexus of commonality, we can now move on to creating the building blocks of trust. With trust, we are then empowered to move toward an agreement of intent and purpose.

Describe your experiences in project management from inception to conclusion. Explain what strategies have worked well for you in the past and why they have worked.

With extensive experience in project management, RICHARD BOYD AND ASSOCIATTES LLC has developed, implemented, and completed a wide range of projects such as multi-day staff development trainings, skill-based training, leadership development, and strategic planning, just to name a few. Our approaches/strategies for managing projects are to:

  • Firmly Establish a Timeline for Completion

  • Define Desired Results

  • Check Our Assumptions Periodically Throughout the Project

  • Upon Completion, Conduct Check-Ins to Establish a Successful Conclusion(s)

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